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Classical Music with Shinobue by Edison / released on Nippon Columbia

•  Masafumi Akikawa / A Japanese Tenor Singer

Single CD “A Thousand Winds“ (Arranger and Audio Producer)  (Double-Platinum Seller)                     

CD “Dream Of Love~Dream of Love” (Arranger and Audio Producer)

CD "Fantasista~ Tsubasa wo kudasai ~ " (Arranger and Audio Producer)

CD "You Raise Me Up" (Arranger and Audio Producer)

CD "GOLDEN VOICE"  (Arranger and Audio Producer)

•  AMBROZIA / Chill Out Unit w/ EDISON, DJ19, Jullianne

CD "VELVET” (Composer, Arranger and Artist)

CD "Real 4 Life" (Composer, Arranger and Artist)

CD "Lifetime" (Composer, Arranger and Artist)

Arranger and Composer for the following:

CD "Real Ibiza VI" -Ambrozia "It's U 

CD  "CHILL OUT Experience / Blissful "-Ambrozia" Lovely Lovely Lovely "

CD  "CHILL OUT Experience / Aphrodisiac - Ambrozia "Island Paradise" 

CD  "Aosis resort - Ambrozia "Baby Come Back"  

•  LEGEND  / Classical Five Tenor Vocalists Group. 

Single CD “Eternal 0” (Composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

Single CD "Frusato wa Ima mo Kawarazu" (Arranger & Audio Producer)

•  LE VELVETS / Five Tenor Vocalists Group. 

CD "Le Velvets - 5 songs ON" (Composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

CD & DVD "Night Drive” (Composer, Arranger Audio Producer)

CD "Duo"  (Arranger & Audio Producer)

CD "Solo"  (Arranger & Audio Producer)

CD "Le Velvets - Limited Edition / Normal Edition" (Composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

CD "Le Velvets - Tres bien Edition" (Composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

•  HIDEKA /A Female Chanson Singer

CD "Onna Tomodachi" (Composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

• KAI / A Male Singer Songwriter

CD "Habor Lights"  (Arranger & Audio Producer)

• Papa Arakawa /A Japanese Male Singer Song writer

Single CD - "Kodomotachi E"  (Arranger & Audio Producer)

• THITIKA / Edison’s Own Music Unit.

CD “Bossa Nova“ (Arranger & Artist)

CD "Bossa Nova de Ghibli" (Arranger & Artist)

• DJ KRUSH / A World Famous Trip Hop DJ.

CD "DJ-KRUSH / "Big City Lover” and “Murder” co-composer           Worldwide Debut

Single CD "BIG CITY LOVER REMIX by DJ-KRUSH" (Co composer)

CD “Flow" (Co-composer)

Maxi Single CD“Flow Remix Maxi"  (Co-composer)

• RUFUS THOMAS: Legendary American R&B Singer 

Single CD ”You Are a Part of Me" (Composer, Arranger & Producer)

• Mieko Miyazaki: On koto a Japanese traditional stringed instrument

CD “Koto Ambient Chopin" (Arranger, keyboard player and Producer)

CD “Koto Ambient Bach”  (Arranger, Keyboards & Producer)

CD “Koto Ambient Gymnopédie" (Arranger, Keyboards & Producer)

• Raphael Von Brydon A fine classical pianist from Poland.

CD  "Black & White"  (Arranger & Audio Producer)

• Taro Hakase featuring "Lana & Jay" / The music for special TV drama of TV ASAHI 50th aniversary.

Single CD “Migration"  (Co-composer, Arranger & Audio Producer)

• Edison & Hirsch / with voice talent, Lonnie Hirsch.

CD “Private Views” (Composer, Arranger with Artist)

CD  "Native Son” (Co-composer, Arranger with Artist)

CD  “All About the Money” (Co-composer, Arranger with Artist)

• Edison Jazz Console / Projects produced for Victor Entertainment, Japan

CD "Imagine" (Arranger /Keyboards) Jazzy John Lennon covers. 

CD "My Love" (Arranger / Keyboards) Jazzy Paul Maccartney covers. 

• Ryu Miho / Japanese female singer.

CD "Woman with LOVE” (Composer, Arranger, Sound Producer) 

• Shogo Hamada / Japanese pop star.

CD "LOVE TRAIN” (Arranger)

• Iwao Furusawa / A popular Japanse violin player. 

CD  "Invitation to FANTASY WORLD" (Arranger & Sound Producer)

• Ave Maria Project / compilation by 10 classical composers.  

CD " AVE MARIA" (Arranger & Sound Producer)

• BLACK LAGOON / Sound track CD of this Japanese animation.

and many others …

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